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You’ll be well on your way to developing Android apps like a pro.

That’s why I’ve compiled this big list of Android development tools so you can find all you might need in one place.

Android Dev Tools — Become a Master with these Tools, Collaborate Better

Accessibility Scanner

Accessibility Scanner is an Android app that scans through your apps UI and…

As of July 2018, you must now apply for a Twitter developer account and be approved before you can create any new apps. All new developers must apply for a developer account to access Twitter APIs. Once approved, you can begin to use Twitters standard APIs and new premium APIs.

Battery Bond is an App for Friends to Track Each Other’s Mobile Device Battery Level and Chat Incognito as Anonymous, BONDCOIN will make your life easier! #CryptoLife

Battery Bond | BONDCOIN

Check #Friends = BATTERY = Level
Check your friend battery level at any time along with buddy surprise details!
Incognito #Chat
Chat Anonymously with other fellows…

In a Single shot change font of Entire Android Application

Kindly use the following links to use this library:

In build.gradle (Project)

allprojects {
repositories {

maven { url “" }

And then in the other gradle file(may be your app gradle or your own module library…

Here is an example for who are all going to start learning Kotlin programming language to develop Android application.

First check this example APK to understand basic steps easily. I enjoyed a lot while doing this tutorial, If your Java developer you can play with this. Happy Coding!

Kotlin example app from play store

Kotlin is…

fans folio is a free app to maintain folio for your idols(film stars, cricket stars etc..,). It’s the easiest way to connect and talk about your idol. You can share anything about your idol and make him/her famous around the world.

fans folio introducing ‘twin’, you can twin the other fans updates. You can interact with other fans through personal messages.

Prabhakar Thota

Mobile Engineer, UI/UX. I believe in the quote, “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” Happy Coding :)

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